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Now Hiring Tile Installers

Now Hiring Tile Installers

Full benefits including health insurance, retirement plan, and paid vacation. Positive atmosphere with amazing projects and opportunity for advancement. For information please call (612) 380-0400.

    Scott Blomberg
    31 Oct 2022

    I’m inquiring about possible employment as a installers helper: I can mix mortar for tile and grout, & grout, I can run a wet saw, & prep floors, simply keep the installers supplied, I’m quickly moving to jet the job complete, if interested you can contact me at katy2227.2@gmail.com. Thank-you! Scott Blomberg

      21 Nov 2022

      Hi Scott,
      Thank you for responding to our post. If you would like to come to our offices to interview for a tile installation helper position, please email erik@touchdowntile.com and we can set up a day and time to come in.

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