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Kitchen backsplash tile installation

Kitchen backsplash tile installation

Tiling a kitchen backsplash is an easy project that has a profound impact.
Here is how it is done.
1. Shut off the breaker for the outlets on the backsplash. Unscrew all outlet covers and the outlets themselves. Use masking tape to protect the outlets.
2. Use a board or support behind the oven in between the 2 countertops to keep the tile in-line.
3. Determine layout or pattern. Almost all backsplashes can start with a full coarse of tile directly on the countertop.
4. Apply tile adhesive glue or use a non-sag thinset mortar directly to sheetrock or painted walls on the backsplash and place tiles firmly on the wall. When cutting around the outlets make sure not to cover the box and that the tile is installed under the tabs of the outlet. The tabs of the outlet should rest on top of the tile.
5. Grout after 24 hours.  We recommend Tec Power Grout for the most consistent color and stain resistance.
6. Install outlet covers. The outlet and the plate should be installed over the top of the tile backsplash.
7. Use 100% silicon on the joint between the countertop and tile backsplash.

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    26 May 2017

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