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Dan Lange

Dan Lange

I respectively submit this review. I recently hired Touchdown Tile for an extensive Master Bathroom remodel. I did the research, talked with 6 other remodelers and after getting bids and meeting all of them, the choice was very, very simple. TOUCHDOWN TILE LLC. I grew up in and around the construction business. I was able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Don’t waste your time with other remodelers. There is only be one simple choice. Touchdown Tile. PERIOD.

The end result was quality through and through. Their employees were great, from Reis, Eric, project managers, demolition, construction, tile setting to finish carpenters a job well done. And how can one not mention the “Tiny Tile setters” who were and are social media giants.

Family, friends and neighbors who have seen the completed project are in “awe” of seeing the results. I have several neighbors that have the same layout and want to do the same reconfiguration with their bathroom. I will without a doubt, suggest Touchdown Tile.

I did my homework for my remodel and anyone pondering the decision to hire this company should have no hesitation in doing so. Be like a NIKE commercial and “just do it”. This remodeling company is simply the BEST.

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