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Shower wall tile installation

28 Nov No Comments erik@touchdowntile.com Shower wall tile installation, Uncategorized

Tiled shower walls can have a profound impact in your bathroom. This project was a remodeling project complete with 2 inset shelves and a vertical accent. We started by demoing the existing walls down to the studs. Here is how it was done. 1. Install Durock or equivalent brand 1/2″

Whirlpool tile surround install

28 Nov No Comments erik@touchdowntile.com Whirlpool tile surround installation

We completed the following remodeling whirlpool tile surround in Chanhassen, MN. The first thing was to demo the existing tile and repair or replace the existing sub-strates. All walls of whirlpool surrounds can be prepped using sheetrock. Any ledges or steps must be prepped with cementboard or backerboard. We followed

Tile shower installation Chanhassen, MN

28 Nov No Comments erik@touchdowntile.com Tile shower pan installation

We installed this custom tile shower in Chanhassen, MN. For this project we used the traditional shower pan method with tile crete/mud and pan liner. This shower pan was finished with a nice pebble stone. First we install the upper portion of the shower wall sub-strate. Our installers prefer Durock

Kitchen backsplash tile installation

25 Nov 1 Comment erik@touchdowntile.com Kitchen backsplash tile installation

Tiling a kitchen backsplash is an easy project that has a profound impact. Here is how it is done. 1. Shut off the breaker for the outlets on the backsplash. Unscrew all outlet covers and the outlets themselves. Use masking tape to protect the outlets. 2. Use a board or

Tile shower pan installation step by step

18 Oct 1 Comment erik@touchdowntile.com Tile shower pan installation, Uncategorized

Shower pans are the most difficult and most crucial tile projects. If done right they will turn out amazing, if done wrong they can be disastrous. We recommend hiring a professional tile installer for shower pan tile installations. If your project requires a permit check with the city or local

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