28 Nov No Comments erik@touchdowntile.com Tile shower pan installation

We installed this custom tile shower in Chanhassen, MN. For this project we used the traditional shower pan method with tile crete/mud and pan liner. This shower pan was finished with a nice pebble stone.
First we install the upper portion of the shower wall sub-strate. Our installers prefer Durock brand 1/2″ thick cement board.
Next we prepare the floor with tar paper and plastic lathe. The tar paper protects the wood sub-floor from absorbing moisture during installation and the lathe holds the concrete together.
The pre-pitch is installed next which slopes towards the drain at about 1/4″ per foot.
We use a tile approved pan liner next installed up the walls at least 6 inches being careful not to nail or fasten it in below 5 inches.
Next the final slope is installed with a pitch towards the drain of 1/4″ per foot.
The curb is finished at the height of approximately 4-5 inches. We make sure the curb is also pitched towards the drain.